Census Bureau debuts historical census & stat abs

Daniel writes "Taken from a US Census press release:"For the initial rollout of the historical censuses, we have 1790-1860, and for the Statistical Abstracts we have 1878-1936 (a few yrs are not yet available) and 1953-1958. The 'missing' years of the Statistical Abstracts will be filled in as we complete the work on the files, the historical decennial censuses will be made available as we finish work on each decade.Please note: these are image files only. There is no searchable text, so users need to use the finding guides available for each volume (e.g. indexes and tables of contents) as the browser and adobe search engines won't work.The files are available from the U.S. Census Bureau home page(www.census.gov) by clicking on the "Publications (PDF)" link on the left side of the page (or the URL: www.census.gov/prod/www/titles.html). In addition to the current "new" posting on that page, the files are available by clicking on the links for "Statistical Abstracts" and "Census of Population and Housing."This site also includes instructions to census takers and miscellaneous statistics like those on US Fisheries for the 1860 census."

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