Top 10 Books on Rwanda


\ sends " this Alternet story that gives a reading list about the Rwandan genocide, and historical/cultural/political background of the region."


Thanks for the link to an interesting list of books on a tragic subject. A side bar at that site provides suggestions to prevent future Rwandas by the president emeritus of Refugees International. Number 1, is encourage the US to be more involved in intelligence gathering. Hmm--perhaps he isn’t aware of how US citizens are fighting intelligence gathering improvements in our own country? Number 10 is a faster response from the US, specifically the Bush administration, in sending in the Marines. Goodness. Does this man never read our newspapers? The other 8 are suggestions for the UN. I was interested in the one about teaching conflict resolution skills (to the military? to the UN folks? to the locals?)--to peoples with ethnic hatreds that go back thousands of years--pre Christian, pre-Muslim, pre-colonial, pre-Bush. That ought to be an interesting workshop. A reading of his list would also seem to indicate that the UN wasn’t even prepared to provide clean water 10 years ago to refugees from the conflict. And this is an organization some wanted running the show in Iraq?

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