Something new at the library


The King County Library System in Washington is trying something new to attract youngsters. Multicolored library cards. The article appeared in the East Side Journal.
``I don\'t know of any library in the country that has tried anything like this,\'\' said Bill Ptacek, director of the King County Library System. ``The idea is for people to individualize how they access the library. We are the `People\'s University,\' and many things to many people.\'\'

\"A $120,000 campaign is already under way to promote the new cards, with postcards, television and radio spots and signs on buses to draw in 50,000 new cardholders. New cards -- in credit card size and key chain size -- are free and will be distributed at local branches starting tomorrow.\"

\"Quantities will be limited until more shipments arrive next week.\"

\"Although it was time to update the library\'s image, logo and cards, the main target of the campaign is every young student in the county, Ptacek said.\"

\"About 340,000 of the county\'s residents are under age 19, but Ptacek points out that only 178,000 of them have library cards.\"

\"He hopes the new cards connect students with the library\'s updated Web site, the gateway to more than 50 databases with business and news information. The library system spends about $1 million a year to subscribe to and maintain the databases.\"

\"Ptacek also hopes for 10 million hits on the library system\'s Web site by year\'s end.\"

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