Orchestra librarian does critical work behind the scenes


The Charlotte Observer has this story on the person behind the scenes at the concerts, and guess what!? It's a librarian!
"The Charlotte Symphony has three librarians who maintain the orchestra's collection of music for some 2,000 compositions. But, says principal librarian David Mills (the symphony's principal tuba player), sorting, storing and distributing scores to the musicians is just a small part of an orchestra librarian's job."


Don't some symphonies use archivists too? I recall the big flood in Houston a few years ago from Tropical Storm Allison drowned jillions of old, annotated music scores that were irreplaceable (or so I heard).

Searching on NPR for Tropical Storm Allison got some good hits:

The last of the above deals specifically with the mess the symphony had to deal with. They stored their documents and some instruments in a basement! It's a long interview with one of the staffers who went down to investigate the damage shortly after the floods.

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