Man arrested in University Of Oregon library theft case

The Eugene Police Department is charging a Eugene resident for stealing books from the Knight Library and then selling them on eBay, according to EPD Detective Steve Williams.
Williams said Douglas Collver allegedly sold about 250 "fairly obscure" books on the popular Internet auction site, most of which cost less than $100 although many were 75 to 150 years old. The books were not part of a special collection.
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I hope the judge decides to avoid jail time (which is going to cost the residents of OR money), and instead get him to buy back each book from the person he sold it to, otherwise hefty fines come into play.I'd say that the fine should be $500 for each book he stole and sold, so that's $500 x 250 = $125,000. For each one he repurchases and returns to the library, then the fine is reduced. Give him a year to complete the project.

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