1,000 Stories and Going Strong


This marks somewhat of a milestone for LISNews, it\'s the 1,000th story
(The old site has a few
hundred more,
but we won\'t count those.). It\'s been 10 months since I started LISNews and a
few things have changed, by my original goals and vision remain the same.
Steven and I spend more than a little time each week keeping LISNews current
and readable, and I thought I\'d share some thoughts and details with you.

I¹ve always envisioned LISNews to be a community where librarians and others
share the news and knowledge they find on the web and in the printed world.
The Code that runs my little
makes it unique in that I am able to be joined by many other writers in
posting the news. Many weblogs are one persons view of the world, and I had
always hoped to bring many views to this site. The comments left by others
always make things more interesting for me, and I thank the people who take
to the time to read, and leave their own thoughts.

I still hope to increase the number of folks posting stories, and
contributing. Currently I am happy to be able to count at least 3 other
active authors, along with a few others that post on occasion, that consider
LISNews worth their time. Rory Litwin (of Library Juice fame), Steven Cohen
(Of Library Stuff Fame) and Susan McClelan all do a great job in
contributing on a regular basis. Rory has brought a new dimension that I
feel I was unable to provide. Steven does a great job assisting me with
many aspects of the site. There are also a few unsung heros who help me
with programming the site.

We continue to get about 700 visitors a day, our mailing list continues to
grow, creeping slowly towards 700 as well. In case you were curious, the ads
you see are provided free of charge to sites I like, and to friends (Il Gato
Jewelry is an old friend of mine, I get alot of questions on that one). I¹d
like to sell an ad or two someday, to pay for the site, but that remains one
of the plans I can\'t seem to get to.

In the future I hope to add more authors to our growing list, the strength
of LISNews continues to be its diversity, and with more authors will come
greater diversity. It is also hard for me to keep up with all the great
stories submitted and that I find myself. I have personally posted 704
stories, which is why my wrists hurt! I welcome your comments and thoughts
on what you\'d like to see in the future on LISNews, and if you\'d like to
join me, don¹t be afraid to let me know.

Special thanks to Steve Galbraith, who helped me get this site started last

Of course I must thank the original Slashdot for writing
such nice code that
makes this site possible.

And special thanks to Nabeal Ahmed for all the PHP help.

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