Privacy Concerns over Gmail

There is an article at about privacy concerns for Google's new gmail service. According to the article Google will scan incoming email for keywords and put ads into the text of the emails that relate to the keywords.


I noticed that part of the gmail system, and while it does seem like something to make note of, it's important to remember this is a free service they're providing, and they need to pay for it somehow.I'm not sure if it's something worth worrying about or not.Seth Raises Some Good Points but I'm not sure I worry that much, yet.

I know it's not common for most people, but why not just encrypt your email if you're paranoid? Maybe this will start the effort to get OpenPGP as the internet standard for secure communications?It's not going to take long for someone to create a blowfish or other encryption interface with gmail. If Google can't read the message, then they can't insert advertisements. Or will it insert random garbage and mess up the message? Hmm..

Sounds like Google is finally using that product-linking idea they got when they bought out DejaNews. I wonder if they're going to use the x-no-productlinks header like DejaNews was eventually forced to do.Like Orkut, I think this is another means for them to expand their datamining business. They're going to be able to do a lot of things with those cookies now...-- Ender, Duke_of_URL

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