Library lectures become book series


nbruce writes "The opening paragraph of a detailed review of a series of seven books that started out as a lecture series in a library states:

“Recently, prominent writers from a wide variety of fields took the stage at the New York Public Library to expound upon the Seven Deadly Sins. Four of the lectures have now been published in book form, with three additional volumes forthcoming. An editor's note explains that these books are intended "to chart the ways we have approached and understood evil, one deadly sin at a time." The problem, however, is that the series lifts seven names from an old and closely detailed map in order to draw a new and rather vague one, occasionally replacing what once was a warning with a blessing.�

And so, lust, envy and gluttony are all reworked and misapplied and even become virtues at the hands of these authors. Even greed, although closer to the traditional teachings on the subject, is weak, according to reviewer Abram Van Engen. Read the Books & Culture review here."


The review is in Books and Culture, not Christianity Today, which are two different publications.

The headline on the site indicated that it came from, and I assumed that Books & Culture was simply a section. I have made the correction.

An easy mistake--CT publishes numerous magazines including Leadership Journal, Today's Christian Woman, Campus Life, Christian History. But Books and Culture is huge, and exhausting to read--tabloid size the last time I saw it in paper.

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