Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Egypt


Kevin Brook suggested this CNN Story on the amazing new library in Egypt. It\'s 11 stories high, looks impressive, and is built on the site of the original

\"The Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the brainchild of Alexandrian historian Mustafa al-Abbadi more
than 20 years ago, is located in the same city as the famed Pharos lighthouse, one of the seven
wonders of the ancient world which stood for 16 centuries before collapsing in an earthquake in
1349. \"More from CNN

\"The original library, built under the Greek Ptolemies who ruled Egypt for the last 300 years of
the first millennium B.C., also doubled as a university.

Its fate is still shrouded in mystery. Some historians say it burned down when Julius Caesar\'s
legions sacked the city in 48 B.C., others say parts of it survived until the Arab invasion of
Egypt more than 600 years later.

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