Anonymous publishing on the web


CNET has a Story on a new idea from AT&T. PUBLIS is a new system that will allow anonymous publishing on the web. Since it allows free distribution of files online, without any checks by copyright owners or law enforcement, Publius has been talked about in the same breath as Napster, Gnutella and Freenet.

\"\"The ultimate kick for us as developers is if some organization such as Amnesty International starts to refer people to our systems,\" said Avi Rubin, the AT&T Labs researcher who is leading the project. \"We\'d like to see it used in the real world, by real world people who can\'t express their ideas.\"

But the designers hope this won\'t be the focus for the system and have built in a few safeguards.

At least in its first release, the system will accept documents only 100 kilobytes in size--much too small to accept an MP3 or video file.

And unlike Napster, the Publius system does not have a search feature. Easy searches are partly what have made file-sharing systems such as Napster so popular so quickly.

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