More Independent Bookstores Closing

What is happening to our Literary Life?

Open for only five years, the owners of Literary Life Bookstore and More (Grand Rapids, MI) made a warm inviting environment from a classic brick bank; now what will it become?

Yesterday there was news of a bookstore closing in Hood River, OR , Gorge Bookstop. Both were family-owned bookstores.


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Extending the life of bookstores is critical, but devilishly dif

Commentary by publishing consultant Mike Shatzkin

Extending the life of bookstores is critical, but devilishly difficult

His father wrote a book called "In Cold Type" that discusses many of the inefficiencies in the bookstore model. Since that book was written ebooks and online selling create more challenges while many of the inefficiencies of traditional book distribution, publishing, and selling remain.

Bookstore owners might want to consider reading these two books by Leonard Shatzkin.

In Cold Type

The Mathematics of Bookselling: A Monograph

Another book to consider:

Reluctant Capitalists: Bookselling and the Culture of Consumption

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