Michigan libraries can't ban guns, court of appeals rules

Though it said the idea of people openly carrying weapons into libraries is “alarming,” libraries can’t ban weapons, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled today.
In a 2-1 decision, the court said it’s up to the state, not local government units, to regulate matters related to firearms.
“Certainly, at a time where this country has witnessed tragic and horrific mass shootings in places of public gathering, the presence of weapons in a library where people of all ages — particularly our youth — gather is alarming and an issue of great concern,” Judges Jame Beckering and Henry William Saad said in the majority opinion.
However, guns are a matter for the state to regulate while complying with the federal constitution, the judges said.


The law is the law, and the law clearly states that the library can not ban guns. Anyone that thinks banning guns makes a place safer is a fool- Columbine, Virgina Tech, Lubby's Cafe, and the movie theater in Colorado were all GUN FREE ZONES, and we can all see how well that worked out. Gun Free Zones do not work, and the facts show this.

And for anyone who says "I don't want to be around someone carrying a gun"- let me point out that there are over 300,000 concealed carry holders in MI, and odds are you are near at least 1 everyday, the only difference is you didn't see the gun. In fact, about 1 in every 26 adults you pass in your daily routine have a CPL(concealed pistol license), so whether you like it or not you are around someone who carries a gun.

While I believe in the right to bear arms (and own several guns myself), just a few small points:

1.) More people would have survived the Virginia Tech shootings if college authorities had notified the entire campus after the first two people were killed. There was at least two hours between the first shootings in the dorm room (which killed two people) and the rest of the massacre. Campus officials thought it was a "boyfriend-girlfriend" dispute and were lax in informing the rest of the campus.

2.) If the Aurora movie theater EXIT doors had an alarm system on them notifying theater workers when someone leaves through the exit doors, maybe lives would have been saved. The exit doors, where the shooter's stuff was stashed, was just outside the theater's exit doors. When he left through the doors to retrieve his arsenal, there was no alarm signifying that someone had gone through those doors.

Also, the Aurora shooter had head-to-toe bullet-proof body armor, protective goggles, was tossing tear gas canisters throughout the theater, and had an arsenal the size of a small army. Anyone else in that theater who had a a gun didn't have a prayer of stopping the massacre or hitting the suspect once he started his rampage.

The Virginia Tech and Aurora shootings could have been prevented if proper, common-sense procedures were followed. Columbine could have been prevented if people in their respective jobs had paid attention (authorities were aware of Eric Harris' blog detailing his "hit list" and plans to blow up his school but did nothing about it).

I like the idea of having my gun handy in case of self-defense, I think others should have that opportunity as well, but let's be honest and realize that these types of events can be prevented beforehand if the proper authorities or parents did their job in the first place.

Isn't that a warming thought? And they love to add their POV to discussions about anti-violence and the Second Amendment. About how we'd all be safer and happier (and maybe even richer) if everyone were armed.

Don't you forget it you crazy peaceniks!!

Or else!

Gun Ownership and the number of people who carry daily has been increasing every year, and violent crime has been dropping, so yes it is a warming thought. If you don't want to carry, don't, but you have no right to tell me I can't.

After Columbine, Virgina Tech, Lubby's Cafe, and the movie theater in Colorado, how can any intelligent person think that making something a Gun Free Zone is a good idea?

Well if you actually controlled the Gun Free Zone properly it would be fine.
Problem is that this doesn't happen.
If you want a gun free zone then you need to have checkpoints, bag searches etc to make sure EVERYONE is gun free.

I actually do feel safer knowing that more people are armed the legal people that goto get their cpl generally show interest in freedoms and practice shooting. Unlike criminals by definition don't care who they hurt or kill or where it happens. Thankyou legal gun owners

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