Macmillan v. Amazon Redux

Andrew Zack weighs in on the Macmillian/Amazon battle in the Huffington Post:

Macmillan wants to change the way it sells eBooks via Amazon and other eTailers (You get it? Retailers online=eTailers). Amazon didn't like the plan, so it pulled the "buy" button from all Macmillan titles on its website. Imagine this in a grocery store and either Coke or Frito Lay ran into the same situation. Shelves and shelves full of bottles or chips and people aren't allowed to buy them. Get it? Okay.

Even Amazon admits it must "capitulate" to big, bad Macmillan. Not that they call Macmillan "big" or "bad," but that's the underlying message. But the irony is that Amazon will make more money under the new structure, because it has been selling eBooks as loss leaders to promote sales of the Kindle. But with the iPad out from Apple, there's only one thing to say, "Be scared Jeff [as in Bezos]. Be very scared."


I am not convinced the ipad is going to be that popular--reviews of it were not positive.

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