Hints from Heloise: Libraries don't always want old books


Dear Heloise: As a librarian, I urge people to call their library before they donate books.

Full post here.


More than a year old?

There was a current article that we posted about last week on this topic. Because of that article it made this post relevant.

The Heloise article was found on Google news and was coming up as a current news item about libraries. Because we had the recent LISNEWS story I did not look more into the date because I already thought it was relevant. Note to self: Be careful with Google News.


Update: I just went and clicked on the link again to the Heloise article and it is showing a date of 3/17/12. How is that a year old? What date are you looking at????

When I pull up the article it is dated 3/17/12

That is not a year old. What date are you looking at??

In that piece it says that if a book is a year old it shouldn't be donated to a library.
I find that a bit odd, especially for non-fiction (and academic) books that only get an update every 5 years.

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