Going To PLA? Stop at the In My Book Booth 2035 to see LISNews Author Birdie!

If you're heading to PLA come by the In My Book ® cards booth #2035 and say hello to LISNews’s ‘birdie’ (Robin)!

Need to find an additional source of income for your library? Of course you do, as public funding is diminishing and shows no sign of increasing anytime soon. Not an easy situation, but when the going gets tough...you know the saying.

It’s time to get creative, and here’s just one creative solution that book-lovers are sure to enjoy; the “greeting card and bookmark in one” In My Book ® cards.

Along with bookbags, mugs, and other logo items, these inexpensive multi-tasking cards make a great addition to your library shop inventory. Or purchase them as thank you notes for volunteers and donors. With the addition of three new styles this month (“In my book, you’re a legend”; “In my book, you’re out of this world”; and “In my book, you’re a winner”), the cards are now available in a total of eighteen literary-oriented styles.

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