Will We Get to Know the Real Laura Bush?

As we now know, the outgoing first lady is writing a book, and Scribner is publishing it. It is supposed to offer "an intimate account of Laura Bush's life experiences, including eight years in the White House."

Her husband remains a captive of his own spin, which explains the lack of publisher interest in a memoir by an ex-president. Perhaps Mrs. Bush is more inclined toward introspection and honest disclosure, although according to the Boston Globe, evidence at the moment is slight.

During a recent interview with his wife, President Bush told CNN's Larry King that he likes President-elect Barack Obama.

"But he was so critical of you. Do you take that personally or don't you?" King queried.

"I did," Laura Bush quickly answered.


Yawn, another story by Birdie demonstrating her hatred for Bush. We get it already. Move on. Your messiah goes into office next week. Why not focus on that?

Have we not seen this before. It seems to me the people who post the stories are posting the ones they want to see posted, and deleting both stories and comments they don't like.

no wonder you're yawning...what are you doing up at 2:14 am reading LISNews?

My profile is set to show times in Pacific Time. It comes up as 11:14 PM for me. Then again, I was up at 2:14 AM a couple nights ago myself.
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