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Moe Praise For Librarians

Journalist Doug Moe has written a brief yet informative tribute to librarians, and one librarian in particular, in the Madison (Wisc.) newspaper The Capital Times. Moe focuses on Toni Samek, an associate professor at the School of Library and Information Studies at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, who earned her doctorate at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Samek is the author of Librarianship and Human Rights: a Twenty-first Century Guide, and she cites her time in Madison as being a strong influence on her career path. The article also addresses the issue of the declining emphasis on MLS degree holders in Alberta, which may be of interest to Canadian readers. All in all, this is a pleasant little tribute that should lift your spirits if needed.

Stuff Barb Don't Want

I love these posts! I hope Robin Rose Yuran decides to contribute more "Stuff Barb Don't Want," althought I haven't seen anything lately.

Stuff Barb Don't Want #1 : at the circ desk
Stuff Barb Don't Want #2 : What is This, General Hospital?
Stuff Barb Don't Want #3 : Jesus Eye on the Genealogist Guy

filling space & time

So, I'm probably not going to use this journal thingy much, at least not until I figure out what to say here. I have a blog over on my own site, and even that doesn't get updated on a regular basis. I think I'm spending too much time reading and other librarian blogs.

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