Berkeley library not thrilled about yarnbombing

Berkeley library not thrilled about yarnbombing
One creative contribution to the newly reopened North Branch Library was not seen by the crowds of supporters who turned up on Saturday to celebrate the library’s return to service. Local “yarnbomber” Streetcolor had made some custom knitted coverings for the new circular bike racks outside the library — but they barely saw the light of day as they were quickly removed by librarians displeased with the rogue artistic action.


it's pretty...they need to lighten up a little?

One line in article -- “Obviously yarnbombing would never have happened as a form of expression if we waited to be asked first,” said Streetcolor

Another line in article -- However, there’s a potentially happy ending to the story, as Corbeil added: “We explained to the woman that we would be glad to talk to her about putting it back up at a future date if she wished to.”

The second line does not seem to support the first. Sounds like asking permission might work occasionally.

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