LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #10

This week's edition of LISTen brings two interviews about cataloging and use of things born digital. I talk with Steven Bowers The Director of Detroit Area Network (DALNET) at Wayne State University who oversees a project that catalogs Youtube videos, and Michael Sauers Technology Innovation Librarian at The Nebraska Library Commission to talk about Cataloging Creative Commons materials. I finish up this week with a commentary inspired by John Berry in which I ask where has the magic of the library gone?
Links referred to:
Detroit Area Library Network Catalog where YouTube videos might be discovered
Mahalo Daily tutorial on Creative Commons licensing
Boing Boing: Library starts to include CC licensed editions of books in collection
Nebraska Library Commission Blog post relative to the Creative Commons project

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #11

The podcast this week brings two interviews. One interview is with Connie Crosby about PodCamp Toronto and lessons for librarianship. The other interview is with tech columnist Don Reisinger about technology use. A note at the end explains why episode twelve will be different and invites listener responses.

Links to matters referenced:
Connie Crosby's blog
PodCamp Toronto
Don Reisinger's blog
Contact details for Team LISTen

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #12

This week's episode of LISTen brings a panel discussion with Andrea Mercado, Aaron Schmidt, and Nate Hill about the case of librarianship perhaps becoming less complex work. A quick look at the zeitgeist was also included at the start of the episode.

Links to blogs of panel participants:
Andrea Mercado
Aaron Schmidt
Nate Hill

Update: 3/11 Andrea has Posted some thoughts on the podcast: "This story is a tangled mess of issues that exemplifies our profession today"

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #13

This week's edition of LISTen is helmed by the show's audio engineer, Mike Kellat, and brings two interviews as well as a feature. The Shadow Minister for Education in the Australian state of Victoria, Martin Dixon, talked to Stephen Kellat about recent literacy initiatives there. Participants from Uncontrolled Vocabulary spoke to Stephen about their views of podcasting. Mike presented another edition of Tech for Techies about the mechanics of production. Contributions were also sought in the episode.

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #14

This week's episode includes an interview and a commentary. Josh Neff of Johnson County Library spoke with Stephen Kellat and Connie Crosby about Library Camp Kansas. The commentary was presented by Stephen Kellat relative to recent news and contained his analysis.

Links referred to:
Library Camp Kansas
Library Camp Syracuse
OPAL - Online Programming for All Libraries
The Daily Telegraph
Josh Neff's site
Connie Crosby's site
Site of Michael Sauers

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A Special Message

Even though not quite an episode, the message relates to a step LISTen wants to take in expanding reach.

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #15

This week's episode brings interviews with Great Western Dragon and Don Reisinger. Great Western Dragon, otherwise known as Dr. Daniel Messer, related his experience with the Virtual Conference part of PLA 2008 National. Don Reisinger chatted about tech issues in society. Although a commentary was planned it was cut due to time.

At the end of the podcast a specific invitation is given. There is discussion of having a live call-in segment be taped in the week ahead. The night for such is tentatively set for April 4th. Five listeners at a minimum must call LISTen's production team to signify their willingness and intent to participate. If at least five listeners are heard from by a specific point then details on how to participate will be posted to LISNews. Time conversions will be available in the links to find out when things are set to happen even if not in Las Vegas. Contact numbers include:

+1 702 425 8547 (United States of America)
+61 03 9018 6749 (Australia)
+64 03 669 0425 (New Zealand)
+44 02895 81 2554 (United Kingdom)

My status (Skype for anybody who does not want to or cannot call by phone)

Links to things referenced:
Twitter of Great Western Dragon
Twitter of Don Reisinger
PLA 2008 Virtual Conference
An example from Jeff Macpherson of a "Rickroll"
How to determine what Stephen means time-wise for the call deadline
How to determine what Stephen means time-wise as to when he plans the live call-in segment taping

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #16

This week's episode bring an interview with Liana Lehua of, a commentary, and another installment of Tech for Techies. Lehua's efforts at Podango include producing shows like The Apple Phone Show as well as contributing to the Girls Gone Geek podcast. She provides a unique perspective in this episode of how Web 2.0 tech can be used in today's world.

Related links: website
The coversheet for reaching the LISTen production team
Full details for contacting the LISTen production team
Link for donating to support LISTen production

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #17

Recognizing that Computers in Libraries 2008 just ended, this episode of LISTen brings a little lighter fare. The production engineer brings a new installment of Tech for Techies with a subject of showmanship. Two musical numbers by the Breakneck All-stars are presented. The episode finishes off with an audio essay entitled, "Define 'Anglosphere'."

A live segment recording session is planned for the morning of April 19th at 10 AM Eastern Daylight Time. A time zone converter is available online to help determine what the time is where you are for participating. Further details will be posted later in the week.

Donations to support LISTen are appreciated. Goods are available for purchase through Lulu to support podcast production. A recent blog post by the show's writer/presenter helps explain some of the behind-the-scenes matters in producing the podcast.

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LISTen: The Podcast -- Episode #18

This week's episode was an attempt at recording live with a chance for listener participants. Some times it helps, though, to remember to actually hit record on the audio recorder even if the live stream itself is recording. The recording of both takes can be found at: This week's episode was a live discussion of bridging the digital divide from the perspective of the United States.

The episode served as a test for libraries who wanted to see how such technology could be utilized without investing a ton of money. While not easy, this might provide a practical example for consideration.

To donate support funds in a one-off manner, clicking the relevant link below will take you to PayPal where all you need is a credit card:



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To spread out support over a three month period, the links below may help:



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For those interested in supporting LISTen and getting a physical item out of the deal, the online web outlet has new items being added over time. -- Read More

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