Your Own Hot Spot, and Cheap

David Pogue in the NYT

Virgin Mobile’s MiFi is nearly like the ones offered by Sprint and Verizon but with three exceptions: an unlimited data plan, no contract and a $40-a-month

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From the article:

You could get online using only a smartphone, but you’ll pay at least $80 a month

Response: Cricket has an unlimited data plan for Android for $55 and unlimited for Blackberry for $60

For the $55 unlimited Android plan you get the following things unlimited:
unlimited features:
long distance
caller ID
picture messaging
video messaging
call waiting
3-way calling
mobile web
call forwarding
data backup
international text
Android Market
html web browsing
mobile email
Google Mobile Service
no signed contract
talk and text in all 50 states
free overnight shipping

Plans at Cricket website: