Your favorite author, brought to you by a wealthy patron


Your favorite author, brought to you by a wealthy patron
With primarily visual works — comics and art or photo books — Kickstarter seems a great way to solicit the extra cash needed to produce top-drawer work. Comics creators have flocked to it, hoping to finish discontinued series or add color to black-and-white books. But can it bring us the next Ann Patchett or Robert A. Caro? Or is that another part of our future that will be determined by billionaires?


I've donated to 2 Kickstarter projects. One was a continuation of a well respected fantasy series and it did not have a kickass video. It had a well respected author who was upfront about his wish to continue the series when the publisher decided its time was over. I have no idea what he looks like.

The second project is a feature film and yes, it has a video- in this case, it is more of a trailer for the movie. But it was the director/actors who sold me on it.
Looks don't matter in either case. Talent does.

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