Your Books are Due back on Hallmark Day.

Hallmark Day

Work yesterday was rough, I don't know what brought all the patrons out but they came out in droves. I didn't have any time to check the Jets/Colts game on my phone at all, but I digress.

When I told the patrons their due date, surprisingly, only one patron out of the near 100 patrons I interacted with actually said, "Oh, Valentine's Day." I never referred to their due dates as that Hallmark Holiday, but I would just say the 14th of next month. It was funny to watch the reaction of the couples that I helped. The females would nudge their husbands/boyfriends in the side and give them a look, while the guys would just roll their eyes. A couple of the guys would just mouth back, "I know."

The most awkward was a preface to a fight on the car ride home: she asked where he made reservations, he seemed to not care and shrugged it off, she gave him "the look," which continued on their way out to the parking lot.

Gotta love those unique patron interactions.

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