Worldwide Follow a Library Day on Twitter Oct 1st 2010

What would happen if each person on twitter would mention his or her favorite library there? One definite outcome would be: the enormous amount of positive attention to this great industry. And for this reason October 1 2010 has been declared the follow a library on twitter day. Well respected names from the international library community, such as Michael Stephens and David Lee King have ackowledged their participation in promoting the special event. <b>How does it work?</b> Participating is very simple: tweet on October 1st what your favorite twittering library (or libraries) is (or are). Use in your tweet the hashtag (or keyword) #followalibrary. <b>Followalibrary Crew and more information </b> The initiative for the day comes from a group of information professionals who met each other on the world wide web: Edwin Mijnsbergen, Harriet de Man, Lukas Koster, Poulus Bliek and Wilma van den Brink. More information on the Followalibrary event can be found on: and on