Working on the Content in Contentville


A follow up on This Story on the site Contentville from Tuesday. Wired is now Reporting Contentville has now agreed all independent articles are to be processed through the Publications Rights Clearing House, that should keep your dissertation safe, or atleast make you a couple bucks.

\"It doesn\'t surprise me that writers are upset,\" magazine publisher Steven Brill said in a phone interview. \"If my articles were up there and I didn\'t know it, I\'d be really pissed off, too.\"

More from sells books, magazine subscriptions, and collected news articles from over 1,800 magazines, journals, and newspapers including The New York Times.

The issue surfaced on Jim Romenesko\'s news site earlier this week and within 24 hours was being debated everywhere from Steve Outing\'s Content-Exchange to the Magwrite listserve.

Jim Leonhirth, a professor at the University of North Florida, read about the rights controversy on the Online-Writers listserve. After typing his name into Contentville\'s search engine, he was surprised to find his dissertation, Mass Communication as Participation for sale.

Leonhirth said he has an agreement with syndicator Bell and Howell, under which he is paid royalties. He said he was unaware the company had the right to distribute his material online and will inquire about royalties due him.

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