‘Women in Combat,’ Comment From a Librarian Serving as an Army Major in Iraq.

A long way from her library in Glenoma, Washington, Major Mary Prophit
explains in a WashingtonPost/SeattleTimes
regarding the recent controversy over women
in combat
positions that “”Women in combat is no longer an argument,”
she said matter-of-factly at her camp near the Mosul air field. “There
is no rear area.””

A librarian in Glenoma, and an army reservist, Maj. Prophit’s current
duties are with a Stryker
armored vehicle
battalion in Mosul, Iraq.

Major Prophit’s mention was two paragraphs in journalist Ann Scott Tyson’s
article, “Realities vs. policy: Women face growing combat roles in Iraq,”
about women in the military effectively serving in combat positions in
Iraq because there is no clear front line to keep women behind.