Why You Should Honor Your Campus Library

Maria Shine Stewart authors the "A Kinder Campus" column for Inside Higher Ed. She focuses on what we can do as members of academic communities to improve our relationships, treat each other with respect and build better communities. Apparently she thinks very highly of the campus library as a community builder - owing to the strengths academic librarians bring to the community. From the column: "Academic librarians -- and libraries -- don’t need me to defend them. In fact, they don’t need to be defended at all. But I think they sometimes might be more clearly celebrated on our campuses. Yes: celebrated. And I’ll bring the party favors, including several armloads of questions (from the profound to the basic) and dozens of looks (from the puzzled to the angry to the restless). Above all, I’ll bring my gratitude and respect...Academic libraries may be some of the kindest places on campus. And whether they need my vote of confidence or not, they have it. Read more at: http://www.insidehighered.com/advice/a_kinder_campus/stewart_essay_on_celebrating_the_campus_library_and_librarian

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