Why love books.

Yes, your iPad is great. And your PS3 with Blu-ray is awesome. And your Kindle kicks ass. But these technological marvels are nothing compared to a book.

A book challenges us on a personal level. We meet the challenge of new words and ideas and we either find agreement or argument, but we rarely remain the same person we were before.

A book requires no power but sunlight and your mind. There is no controller to blame for your crappy performance on Call of Duty, or whatever games you play. There is no wifi hotspot to go down. There is nothing to buy. A book is the object and the exercise and the reward, all rolled into one.

Apple and Amazon and Sony and Google tell us that their technology will change the world. And I keep waiting. But books have already changed the world and continue to change it.

Some technologies are perfect in design and function. A book is one.

It would be nice to be able to find things in them faster. But maybe I'm just impatient.

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