Where is our TV show?

I don't watch a lot of TV. Or maybe I should say that I don't watch a lot of non-Jersey-Shore-based TV.

But sometimes while I'm going round the globe of 400 available channels I see a bit of the reality show, Pawn Stars. And apart from being initially slightly disappointed at the premise because I'd misread the title, I was surprised by much research the guys do looking up the values of old coins and stuff.

So I went to history.com and sent them a suggestion to create a reality show about librarians. Yeah, I know that you can't have a crew filming everyone in the public library who might feel their privacy is being invaded, but maybe they can hire a few librarians and open a "library" in a strip mall and see what happens.... a strip mall with a bar/lounge and a bail bondsman and a pain management clinic. I'd watch that.

You know, since I already work there. So what's a good title?

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In Australia there is a great TV series - The Librarians - which is set in a public library. It's full of people we all know - the passive aggressive Head Librarian, the daffy gay guy, the ditzy blonde, the really unattractive guy who has women chasing after him all the time as there is such a shortage of hetero blokes. It's brilliant!
Elisabeth, Melbourne, Australia

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