When is a Librarian not a Librarian?

When he's a New York City 311 operator. <a href="http://www.nytimes.com/2010/05/16/nyregion/16three11.html">Read this</a> and see if this doesn't sound like your library.. New York City's 311 service costs $46 million a year and provides a source for local government information, for filing complaints, and for other services in 170 languages. Here are some lessons from New York's 311 service (story from the NYT): Each call begins, “Hello, thank you for calling 311. This is ( ). How may I help you?” An important rule: “Smile through that phone!” Another rule: "Call-takers are prohibited from imparting information from our previous jobs, our daily lives or the top of our heads, lest it be outdated or just plain wrong." Percent of calls handled in 30 seconds or less last year: 84%.