What Gingrich reveals in his many book reviews

What Gingrich reveals in his many book reviews
Along with college professor and bestselling author, the former Republican Speaker of the House added presidential candidate to his resume today. But if Gingrich wished, he might also include his ranking as an Amazon.com “top reviewer.” Indeed, he hit his peak in 2004 rising into the top 500 of the site’s reviewers, based on how often readers found his reviews helpful. Since then his ranking has slipped, and he hasn’t posted a review since 2008.


He probably stopped posting reviews because he knew that any review could be held against him. People could be critical of the book he read or what he actually put in the review.

Dr. Gingrich isn't a bad author. His alternate history fiction on World War II was really cool and got me interested in that storytelling style. The gentleman apparently has a life outside politics.

That being said...I don't want him as President. The last one with a PhD in history was Woodrow Wilson. I'd much rather he was cranking out novels.

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