What Are You Doing About DVD Thefts in Public Libraries?

My library has experienced an extremely high rate of DVD thefts in the past 6 months and are looking into solutions to the problem. Some of the thefts, we beleive, are drug related. Have public libraries experienced a spike in DVD thefts this year? What are some of the reasons for this? What are public libraries doing about the situation? What solutions are they looking into? What have they tried? We also experience a high rate of periodical thefts as well.


We have experienced spikes in theft when word got out among a small groups of people that we are an easy mark to steal DVDs from.

We combated the theft by placing tattletape security overlays on our discs. While our security gates are not the greatest at deterring theft, the transparent stickers overlays lock in our logo. Remove the security, destroy the disc.

Thieves can put the DVDs in a foil potato chip bag and it will block the sensor. We had that experience at my library and now all DVDs are kept in a binder at circulation with empty cases on the shelves.

We have this problem. It was helped by using the plastic magnetic cases. Before we started using those we could not keep DVDs in the collection.

Best thing to do is look where in the library the security devices/cases/labels etc are being dumped, then you can have people walk round there. I can still remember where I kept finding these when I used to work at a public library.

Crisp packets shouldn't be thick enough to block the signal, try turning it up ;) Now tinfoil is a different matter but tends to be a bit more obvious when being wrapped around things in a library.

Tattletape? Must remember that :)

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