West Of Here': What Happened To The Frontier?

From <a href=http://www.npr.org/2011/03/04/133562427/west-of-here-what-happened-to-the-frontier>NPR's Morning Edition</a>: <blockquote>In his new book, "West of Here", novelist Jonathan Evison takes readers back to one of the last unexplored territories of the American West: Washington state's Olympic Peninsula ... In essence, the book is a conversation between past and present, between hopeful settlers and modern-day strugglers. Evison began his research by poking around in the local libraries of towns up and down the Olympic Peninsula: "I found that at all these little libraries in Port Angeles and Sequim and Shelton and all these peninsula towns, you can find all these wonderful little tape-bound manuscripts. Some of them are 15 pages long, some of them are 100 pages long, but they're personalized, first-person accounts of frontier living."</blockquote>

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