Web Reference Via XRefer


Newsbytes has this article about Xrefer providing reference service to content providers, for a fee (about $1500).\"Daryl Rayner, XRefer.com\'s marketing director, said that since the Web portal has been running for some time, many content providers have approached the company with information that is suitable for publishing on the Web. The problem has been that their information has been highly specialized, as well as having a higher value that our standard XRefer.com service,\" she said.\"

\"Coupled with the fact that some content providers would not be happy with seeing their information offered for free on the Web, XRefer decided it would develop a premium service for libraries of all types.\"

\"The service, Rayner said, will probably costs under 1,000 pounds ($1,500) and, based on feedback from libraries, will be available as a networked product for use in library terminal situations.\"

\"There aren\'t that many products out there in this area,\" she said, citing the example of the Oxford English Dictionary, and adding that by hosting the service on the XRefer.com servers, the library service will offer up-to-date information to multiple terminals on a controlled basis.\"

\"We\'ll probably use technologies such as authenticated IP (Internet protocol) addresses and IDs/passwords, to control access,\" she said.\"

\"The plan is for the library service to cover 50-plus reference resource and titles, none of which will be available on the main XRefer.com Web site service.\"

\"These will offer libraries access to authoritative information covering science, art, literature, business and finance, social science, linguistics, foreign languages, biographies and quotations, together with a range of encyclopedias, dictionaries and thesauri.\"

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