Web 3.0

As web 2.0 begins to fade there is much anticipation about web 3.0
What will it be like?
Web 3.0 is something called the Semantic Web. Semantic Web is a place where machines can read Web pages much as we humans read them. with web 3.0 it may be possible to create the so-called 3D Web, a Web you can walk through. An extension of the "virtual worlds" popping up on today's Internet. It has been speculated that the Web will be one big alternate universe reminiscent of Second Life and There.com. Other say they see the 3D Web not as an alternate universe but as a re-creation of our existing world.

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people will not give up mobility. the next big thing needs to be more mobile than what we have now. your device needs to interact more with other devices... you go into a restaurant and don't need a buzzer to tell you your table is ready because your device does it... you shop and scan barcodes to see prices and inventory of products directly through your device.... apps load automatically when needed... we go to a baseball game and vote on what the next pitch should be... we tell basketball players to dunk or toss the 3-pointer... your next football game you'll hear, "the QB is sacked. he should have listened to the crowd who voted to go long."

I don't want a future where I ever, ever, ever, have to sit at a desk for 8 hours a day. But I'll be dead before that happens.