Vatican to Digitize Prohibited Archives


Hot on the heels of their successful iPhone app/Apple Store and drive-through confessional, the BBC News reports that the Vatican has announced plans to digitize their pornography collection and make it available online to paying subscribers. Given what the church has planned for the project's profits, here's hoping they learn lessons from the the New York Times paywall loopholes. Is anyone in on the Indulgentia beta?


I thought this was an April Fool's thing, but the original article was published on 3/31. Wow.

Really? This has to be April Fools, even if it came out the day before.

If this IS an April Fool's joke, I can't imagine the Vatican will be pleased.

It's obviously an April Fool's joke. If you google "Batilda DeRose" you won't find her name connected with "religious affairs" columns or writings anywhere.

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