Upstate NY Man Digitizes 22 Million Newspaper Pages

I thought you might be interested in this new video and article for on Tom Tryniski, who has digitized 22 million old newspaper pages and is getting 6 million views per month on his website (beating the Library of Congress 2 to 1).


We found the Auburn Citizen issue with the tranlsated letter my grandmother received from her brother about his experiences in Buchenwald. The original had been lost. It included enough details for the Holocaust Museum staff to find his records.
Now I know who to thank.

Curious ... what does copyright law have to say about this?

>Curious ... what does copyright law have to say about this?

Papers that are pre-1920's are in the public domain. Theoretically the papers in the 40's that were scanned might be in copyright. But before the 1976 amendment of the copyright law you had to re-register your copyright ever so many years. If the registration was not done the copyright from the 40's might be expired.

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