Unrest in Afghanistan over Burning of Korans (Again)

Troops at a US base in Afghanistan mistakenly burned Korans and other religious texts, in an effort to eliminate materials containing "extremist communications." This has sparked riots reminiscent of those caused by pastor Terry Jones burning a Koran in his church last year. Read the latest at The New York Times; CNN; MSNBC.


I wonder why most of the sites, news reports etc that are carrying this report are closed to comments. What would happen if the Christians in the world responded the same way when the Muslims burn Holy Bibles, burn churches, kill, mutilate and behead innocent victims? The Muslims overreact to the accidental burning of paper and ink in a violent and deadly way. Yet they claim that Islam is a peaceful religion, yeah, right. Even the people who work with those who are in Afghanistan to help rebuild the country and lend aid to the people can't trust the Muslims they work side by side with. I question as to whether or not the Qur'ans where put into the fire by instigators to stir up trouble. They can't be trusted because their Jihad is to lie, deceive, befriend and use others to further the Islamic religion and take over of other countries and the people. Every Muslim is under this Jihad. Trusting them is like trusting a rattle snake not to bite you when you pick it up to move it off the highway to save its life.

I'm not so sure about all Muslims being "under this jihad," but paranoia is certainly alive and well in Anonymousland.

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