Twilight book missing after parent complains

A parent's complaint over sexual content in the Mormon author's fourth novel, Breaking Dawn, coincided with the book's temporary absence from the library at Brockbank Junior High in Utah.

Officials at the Magna school purchased copies of the book some time ago, but as of Wednesday hadn't placed them on library shelves. Principal Terri Van Winkle would not say whether the delay stemmed from a parent's complaint about a honeymoon scene in which sex is implied between the central characters Bella and Edward. But Granite School District officials confirm a complaint was voiced.

Meanwhile, the school has ignored repeated complaints from another parent "appalled" by the "censorship" of a book she says promotes chastity and tolerance.


"about a honeymoon scene in which sex is implied " That seems to cover it....we are talking about a Mormon author and a school that is in a State that has strict religious convictions, and um....has cornered the market on having numerous children & procreating.

But here we have the words "Honeymoon" and "Implied"...what things do people do on their "honeymoon", I'm not sure...but it seems like sight-seeing isn't one of them. and, isn't "Implied" better than an explicit description (as in them trashy bodice ripper novels) of um....s e x?


Having read Breaking Dawn the fact that sex is implied is not the issue. It is that after the "implied" sex Bella is beat up and bruised and the room is totally destroyed and she thinks that was wonderful that is the issue.

$10 says the person who took the book has shelves of romance novels at home in easy reach but is shocked the kids read any of it.