‘Tubes,’ by Andrew Blum, Explores Physical Reality of the Web


Excerpt from article:

Mr. Blum is a correspondent for Wired magazine, which happily is not called Tubes magazine. His quixotic and winning book is an attempt to comprehend the physical realities of the Internet, to describe how this seemingly intangible thing is actually constructed. Early on, he lays down this bedrock assertion, which is worth quoting at modest length:

“I have confirmed with my own eyes that the Internet is many things, in many places. But one thing it most certainly is, nearly everywhere, is, in fact, a series of tubes. There are tubes beneath the ocean that connect London and New York. Tubes that connect Google and Facebook. There are buildings filled with tubes, and hundreds of thousands of miles of roads and railroad tracks, beside which lie buried tubes. Everything you do online travels through a tube.”

NYT article about the book - TUBES A Journey to the Center of the Internet

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