Tough Times Ahead for Law Library Budgets

<a href="">On January 26th Law Librarian Blog </a>launched a little poll on the financial situation law libraries are finding themselves in because of the dismal state of the US economy. I would like to thank the 220-plus participants from all types of law libraries. The results look grim for the current and next fiscal years.


Interesting article..

Here at Law Librarians News / excited utterances we thought we'd look at the equation another way and poll law librarians on the following

"Which Legal Publishers Do You Think Will Raise Their Prices Most in 2009"

If you are interested you can vote and see results at

So far it's interesting to see that UK outfit PLC are polling the worst ( due no doubt to their astronomical price hikes in January) and that Lexis Nexis at this point are polling better than Westlaw.