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Tech for Techies #16

This is the final episode of Tech for Techies. The show will return to the Twilight Zone from where it came (for the time being). Stephen talks about broadcast transmission, be it radio, television or cellphones. Another Federal Government PSA from the Census Bureau, Profile America. My close explains the present situation at Erie Looking Productions.

In connection with what I bring up in the close, I want you to read a recommendation from LinkedIn:

Tech for Techies #16 Delayed

Due to circumstances beyond the control of the Nevada production team, Tech for Techies #16 is delayed until further notice. Efforts are underway to ensure a release on Friday, though.

Tech for Techies #15

This week we talked about microphone usage and communications interruptions.

Tech for Techies #14

This week on Tech for Techies, we explore the topic of audio formats to a greater depth. Not all media players are built alike. We explore why that matters to content creators and how to deal with it. Also presented is a discussion by writer Andy Ihnatko that originally aired on MacBreak Weekly that touched upon the thought processes of content creators. Related links: Zune Supported Formats List iPod Classic Supported Formats Zen MX Supported Formats FSF Vacancy Announcement for Campaign Manager PlayOGG Defective By Design RockBox Banshee PerlPodder BashPodder hPodder gpodder Juice VLC

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Tech for Techies #13

This week sees Tech for Techies shift focus slightly. How does a podcast die? How can that be prevented? Is the Information Superhighway littered with roadkill made up of library-related podcasts? This week's episode looks at the matter and poses practical solutions.

Tech for Techies #12

This week we talk about the hardware and practicalities of recording an interview. We also rerun the Tech for Techies Segment #12 describing constructing the cell phone audio tap for interview purposes.

Tech for Techies #11

This week on Tech for Techies we talk about noise. Not only are we talking about it, we are giving you a plethora of sound bite examples for your listening pleasure.

Tech for Techies #10

This week's edition of Tech for Techies talks about the joy of administration in producing content. Content production, while fun, cannot necessarily be divorced from dealing with funding the operation. Historical precedents from the shortwave realm are brought in to illuminate discussion of today's conditions.

Tech for Techies #9

Your cranky audio geek, Michael J. Kellat, is off this week. Stephen is covering in lieu thereof. The topic of discussion this week is lessons libraries could learn from the recent Amazon public relations problem. Creative Commons License


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