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Tech for Techies #16

This is the final episode of Tech for Techies. The show will return to the Twilight Zone from where it came (for the time being). Stephen talks about broadcast transmission, be it radio, television or cellphones. Another Federal Government PSA from the Census Bureau, Profile America. My close explains the present situation at Erie Looking Productions.

In connection with what I bring up in the close, I want you to read a recommendation from LinkedIn:

Tech for Techies #16 Delayed

Due to circumstances beyond the control of the Nevada production team, Tech for Techies #16 is delayed until further notice. Efforts are underway to ensure a release on Friday, though.

Tech for Techies #15

This week we talked about microphone usage and communications interruptions.

Tech for Techies #14

This week on Tech for Techies, we explore the topic of audio formats to a greater depth. Not all media players are built alike. We explore why that matters to content creators and how to deal with it. Also presented is a discussion by writer Andy Ihnatko that originally aired on MacBreak Weekly that touched upon the thought processes of content creators. Related links: Zune Supported Formats List iPod Classic Supported Formats Zen MX Supported Formats FSF Vacancy Announcement for Campaign Manager PlayOGG Defective By Design RockBox Banshee PerlPodder BashPodder hPodder gpodder Juice VLC

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Tech for Techies #13

This week sees Tech for Techies shift focus slightly. How does a podcast die? How can that be prevented? Is the Information Superhighway littered with roadkill made up of library-related podcasts? This week's episode looks at the matter and poses practical solutions.

Tech for Techies #12

This week we talk about the hardware and practicalities of recording an interview. We also rerun the Tech for Techies Segment #12 describing constructing the cell phone audio tap for interview purposes.

Tech for Techies #11

This week on Tech for Techies we talk about noise. Not only are we talking about it, we are giving you a plethora of sound bite examples for your listening pleasure.

Tech for Techies #10

This week's edition of Tech for Techies talks about the joy of administration in producing content. Content production, while fun, cannot necessarily be divorced from dealing with funding the operation. Historical precedents from the shortwave realm are brought in to illuminate discussion of today's conditions.

Tech for Techies #9

Your cranky audio geek, Michael J. Kellat, is off this week. Stephen is covering in lieu thereof. The topic of discussion this week is lessons libraries could learn from the recent Amazon public relations problem. Creative Commons License

How the E-Book Will Change the Way We Read and Write

I knew then that the book's migration to the digital realm would not be a simple matter of trading ink for pixels, but would likely change the way we read, write and sell books in profound ways. It will make it easier for us to buy books, but at the same time make it easier to stop reading them. It will expand the universe of books at our fingertips, and transform the solitary act of reading into something far more social. It will give writers and publishers the chance to sell more obscure books, but it may well end up undermining some of the core attributes that we have associated with book reading for more than 500 years.

Tech for Techies #8

Tech for Techies #8 In this episode we are giving you what the audio hardware is that we use and what it costs. This is the hardware that we are using to do the podcast.
From Radio Shack:
2 each  3ft Gold Series Stereo Y-Cable, Phono plugs to 1/8” Jack
	Model: 42-2550      Catalog#: 42-2550     $7.49 
2 each   Mono Phone Jack to ¼” Mono Plug Adapter (2-pack)
	Model: 274-320      Catalog#: 274-320     $5.49
1 each   Gold-Plated Inline 1/8” Mini-Jack Coupler
	Model: 274-886      Catalog#: 274-886     $5.99
1 each	3-Ft. 1/8” Stereo Plug Cable

Stand Down Notice

Transcript of the audio message: By a unanimous vote, that is to say a four to zero vote, of network producers the LISNews Netcast Network is undertaking a stand down period. The stand down begins at 0430 UTC on April 10th and lasts until 0330 UTC on April 20th. During this ten day stand down, network producers will be hard at work catching up on writing features for release. Network programming will resume with LISTen on April 20th being released on or near 0400 UTC.

LISNews Netcast Network Hiatus

By unanimous vote of network program producers, the LISNews Netcast Network is taking a week off. The release of Tech for Techies will still occur at 0400 UTC on April 10th (what is this in my local time). No new programs will be released until 0400 UTC on April 20th (what is this in my local time). Network producers will be taking time to catch up writing features during the hiatus.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation. In case you missed it, the most recent episode of LISTen had two big tech interviews while the Faceless Historian presented an expanded version of his recent Ignite Phoenix talk. Catching up during the hiatus is encouraged if you are curious.

Countdown to Xubuntu ( 9.04, by Pasi Lallinaho

Tech for Techies #7

There aren't any links this week that would be new. This week's episode talks about production standards, audio quality, what "polishing a turd" means, and more. Core material is covered that is discussed more in books than in quick bits on websites. Audio Snake Oil makes its return in this episode. One announcement that crops up in this episode states:
Hello, this is Stephen Michael Kellat, Interim Coordinator of the LISNews Netcast Network. Would you like to share us with friends and colleagues that don't have portable media players? We are now operating on the Public Radio Exchange, PRX. From KRNM in Saipan to KQED in San Francisco to WWNO in New Orleans to WVGN in the Virgin Islands, local NPR affiliates can now license LISNews Netcast Network content for air. If you want us to grace your part of the airwaves in the United States, call your local NPR affiliate today and ask that they pick up the LISNews Netcast Network. For our friends outside the United States, direct deals are possible if your stations are interested!
A visit to will let you find your local station's website which will have contact details to use. The network's profile can be found at And for those curious about the Jaunty Jackalope:

Good News

It is my pleasure to announce that the LISNews Netcast Network is finally offering pieces for licensing via Public Radio Exchange. This is a very unique opportunity for the crew. Public Radio Exchange ("PRX") is the main means by which we can offer content to National Public Radio affiliates for licensing. Others, such as a couple Canadian Broadcasting Corporation programs and Audible, are also set up to license through that system. What does this mean to the average LISNews user? Probably not a whole lot. You can go about your merry way and not worry about this, if you so choose. If you want to get LIS-related content out on NPR affiliates and others, this opens up a new avenue for you. If you want early paid access to some of the content we record, this opens up a new avenue for you. If you think that the Great Western Dragon/Faceless Historian should really be on the radio instead of restricted to just podcasts, this opens up a new avenue for you. Most content through the PRX is not available for free. This heavily relates to insuring that rights holders for music are in fact compensated for their toils as there is a deal worked out to bypass much of the bureaucratic nastiness found in music use outside PRX. In part it also ensures that content creators get fair compensation within the confines of the present copyright regime in the United States. This is the sort of deal that helps generate a revenue stream to allow parts of the network to cover equipment and telecommunications costs, for example. What can you do to make this happen? On the network's end, we've been increasing our visibility as of late. While that is a good thing itself, it is not a complete action. If you want us on the radio airwaves, you have to contact your local NPR stations to tell them. The program directors at the stations are the folks you want to talk to. Unless they feel there is any demand for programming in this area, all the efforts at raising visibility frankly are worth nothing. Most stations using PRX are found in the United States. Stations outside the United States can license content but have to set up as an outside licensor. That matter is for PRX to resolve, not us. You can find the LISNews Netcast Network profile online at: Creative Commons License

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Going to Computers in Libraries 2009?

If you have a long plane trip for Computers in Libraries 2009, we've got some podcast recommendations to help keep you informed and amused.

You can catch up on programs you might have missed with Tech for Techies, LISTen, and Hyperlinked History. Network producers do crank out a bit of content during the week. Links for network programs to plug into your podcatcher are:

Hyperlinked History:
Tech for Techies:
All Network Programs In One Feed:

Other programs to potentially try include:

Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4:
The Folks on the Hill from Radio Ulster:
Quirks and Quarks, a CBC science program:
tripleJ Unearthed Podcast:
CBC Radio's Comedy Factory:
Community Divas:
GeekSpeak on KUSP:
KCRW's Martini Shot:
Digital Planet on the BBC World Service:

To those traveling, fair winds and calm seas. LISTen will post per its normal schedule at 0400 UTC Monday.

Tech for Techies #6

Simply put, this week is an info dump. Quite a lot of material about hardware is covered this week. From computers to microphones to mixers, we provide an overview of these matters. There are not necessarily philosophical matters to consider but instead nuts and bolts logistics. Related links to learn more about some of the products mentioned are provided below. Next week, we'll be looking at audio, copyrights and legalities, and planning ahead versus fixing it in post-production. In support of this episode, we offer this look at part of the recording space: A Studio Space? Related links: Tapco Mixers Rode Microphones MXL Microphones Audio-Technica Microphones Mackie Mixers Yamaha Mixers CAD Microphones Behringer Mixers Shure Microphones Contact e-mail address if you have questions

Tech for Techies #5

This week we talk about the language used in podcasts and how it might differ. Three podcasts produced by the United States Government are aired in their entirety to provide examples. The programs from the FBI and NASA run one minute apiece while the segment from the Voice of America runs four minutes. After that we turn to discussing the mechanics of staffing a production and what the roles are in creating a show.

Tech for Techies #4

This week's program talks about show structure. In the program we delve into component parts to think about in making a show. Many examples are given as other programs out there are referenced as examples. A list of links to those programs is given later in this post. Audio Snake Oil will return as part of the program next week. Towards the end of the program we feature a number from the U.S. Army Field Band's Jazz Ambassadors, The Army Goes Rolling Along. You can find more downloads from the band as well as learn more about them at their website. On the web, they can be found at Shows referenced: TWiT Live TV Squad Daily With Brigitte (now defunct) Buzz Out Loud the404 CNET News Daily Podcast Writer's Almanac Uncontrolled Vocabulary (on hiatus) tech5 Food Science with Dr. Kiki (presently defunct) GeekBriefTV This Week in Science This Week in Tech FLOSS Weekly CNET's Podcast Central


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