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twitter[1]For awhile now, I’ve been firing off poll questions on Twitter. It’s been pretty random at the start (in terms of questions), but it seems to have caught on.

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Social Media Booklist from the Delaware Library Catalog

Every new media initiative is supposed to herald the death of the printed format and the irrelevance of the library, but providing access to information about technology has been a mainstay of the public library ever since the first forward looking librarian created a call number for the first O'Reilly manual. Windmill Networking recently produced a reading list for significant books on business and marketing applications of social media- and Delaware public libraries had most of them in their collections.

Top Twittering Public Libraries

According to NFI Research, these are the top public libraries on Twitter who

  • 1) regularly update their page and communicate with their followers
  • 2) use Twitter to advance/promote communication with their community
  • 3) have a proportionate number of followers to following and
  • 4) are currently active on Twitter.

    This list is updated regularly so if any public libraries would like to be added, please send information to [email protected]. Got any top twitterers among our readership?

  • LISTen: An Podcast -- Episode #98

    This week's podcast looks forward into the past with a replay of archival audio of President Franklin D. Roosevelt addressing the US Congress after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The dateline for this episode is the 78th anniversary of the event. Also presented in the podcast was a brief discussion of the late-breaking story of Comcast's attempt to acquire a controlling interest in NBC Universal. There was originally going to be discussion of remarks by Rupert Murdoch concerning why news online should never have been free in the first place. The Comcast-NBC matter took precedence. Related links: FDR's speech at This installment of Profile America MSNBC reporting on the Comcast-NBC matter Greg Sandoval at CNET discussing the Comcast-NBC matter One Reuters story on the Comcast-NBC matter Another Reuters story in the matter Discussion at the Erie Looking Productions blog of the recent coverage of remarks by Rupert Murdoch MSNBC relaying an AP report on Google's new attempt to restrict how users can reach news sites Linux Outlaws, a show produced by Sixgun Productions

    BookRix – A Community For Book Lovers & Wannabe Authors

    <a href=""> story,</a> about the new site, <a href="">Book Rix</a>, a social network for bibliophiles. "Commonly all book lovers sites revolve around a community. An online ‘town square’ meet-up to see what others are reading and why they reading it.

    Saved by the text!

    I function as an "embedded" librarian of sorts as part of my instructional duties, and last week I filled in for a class session. Well, to make a long story short, the assigned classroom was not the regular classroom. The class began at 12:30 and only three students had showed up, I was beginning to panic at 12:40 - was I going to have to do an abbreviated instruction session, reschedule the session for a later date in an already tight semester schedule, etc. Anyway, a few more students came in during the next few minutes but at 12:45 12+ students walked in as a group!

    What's Next? Twitter Search on Google

    Twitter has signed deals to put messages sent via the microblogging service into the Microsoft and Google search indexes, BBC News reports.

    The deals will see messages, or tweets, show up in Bing and Google search results almost as soon as they show up on Twitter.

    Microsoft has moved quickly to set up a stand-alone Twitter search page accessible via its Bing site.

    Google said its Twitter search service would debut within the next few months.

    Author Gaiman Will Start a Tweet-Along Story on Tuesday

    Fantasy writer Neil Gaiman is writing a new crowd-sourced short story on Twitter. Starting tomorrow at noon EDT, the author—and well-known Twitter fan (@neilhimself)—will Tweet the first line of a new story, and fans can continue it with their own 140-character contributions. BBC Audiobooks America will then compile the contributions—they expect about 1,000—into a short story that will be recorded by a professional narrator.

    The audiobook will be available for free download at and at iTunes and other audiobook retailers before the end of the year. No print book is planned. Publishers Weekly reports.

    BBC Audiobooks America reminds you, Gaiman will get the ball rolling, but the rest is up to you tweeters out there (#bbcawdio).

    Library Patron Finds Long Lost Father, Thought Dead For 25 Years

    Some might think the library is only good for finding books, but Marquita Johnson knows different.

    Through the help of several employees at Bartow Public Library, she found her father, Earl V. Whipple, whom she had not seen since she was 6 years old, 56 years ago. For 25 of those years, she thought he was dead, based on information from a police officer in Los Angeles.

    Should Your Library Have a Social Media Policy?

    School Library Journal: Today’s new media tools are incredibly powerful communication vehicles that allow organizations to connect and engage with many different audiences. With more than seven million users, Twitter is growing at an annual rate of 1,382 percent, Facebook boasts over 250 million active members, and aspiring writers have started more than 133 million blogs. While the wild popularity of these apps has opened up a world of opportunity for developing brands and building communities, the social and extremely public nature of these services also brings potential hazards. That’s why organizations—including libraries—are developing policies on the use of social media for staff and users alike.

    In fact, many school libraries are devising policies for students and outlining acceptable-use guidelines for blogs and other social media. Schools have a unique set of challenges when it comes to developing such policies as social Web sites are often restricted by the district or blocked altogether.

    Full story.

    What's Twitter Worth To You?

    According to the New York Times Bits (via Tech Crunch), it's valued at around one billion dollars. Twitter’s last round of financing, raised in February, valued the firm at $250 million, meaning Twitter has quadrupled in value in less than a year.

    A Tweet from Twitter...New Terms of Service

    We'd like to let you know about our new Terms of Service. As Twitter
    has evolved, we've gained a better understanding of how folks use the
    service. As a result, we've updated the Terms and we're notifying
    account holders.

    We've posted a brief overview on our company blog and you can read the
    Terms of Service online. If you haven't been by in a while, we invite
    you to visit Twitter to see what else is new.


    These updates complement the spirit of Twitter. If the nature of our
    service changes, we'll revisit the Terms as necessary. Comments are
    welcome, please find the "feedback" link on the Terms of Service page.

    Advertising anyone?

    Facebook Exodus

    Another Facebook article from the NYTimes, this one about Why People Are Quitting Facebook.

    What Facebook Quizzes Know About You: Take Action FB Users

    What Facebook Quizzes Know About You - advises facebook users that even if they themselves don't use a particular app, that the app. can access their personal information if a friend uses it.

    Links for adjusting your privacy settings are included in the article. At the present time, the ACLU of Northern California is taking action to raise awareness of privacy issues surrounding Facebook applications, in particular quizzes.

    Advice from a colleague: DELETE your FB apps NOW: At the top of the FB page, click on Settings, then Application Settings. At top right, it says Show: & a drop down menu. Select Authorized. This will bring up a list of all the APPS you have authorized to have access to y...our information. Use the X on the right side of each one you want to delete. If there is no X, that means it is a Facebook created app you cannot delete.

    ACLU Targets Facebook Apps That Access Personal Info

    The Northern California chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union has put out a campaign designed to raise awareness of the privacy implications of Facebook's developer platform. It's focusing specifically on the popular "quiz" applications, like "Which Cocktail Best Suits Your Personality?" and "Which Wes Anderson Movie Character Are You?" These are largely one-time-use apps that many a Facebook user clicks on and tries out with little concern. CNET reports.

    According to the ACLU chapter, "millions of people on Facebook who use third-party applications on the site, including the popular quizzes, do not realize the extent to which developers of quizzes and other applications have access to personal information. Facebook's default privacy settings allow nearly unfettered access to a user's profile information, including religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation, photos, events, notes, wall posts, and groups." For the promotion, it's put together a quiz about how much you know about Facebook-based quizzes.

    Side note: Creating a Facebook quiz app to draw attention to the pratfalls of Facebook quiz apps is very meta.

    Social Media Revolution

    linked in
    a video on social media set to a Fatboy Slim song and used as a book promo for Eric Qualman's new book Socialnomics (Wiley)

    ...thanks to Andy W. for the tip

    Twitter as Conversation, as Culture

    From NPR 'sharing culture, one tweet at a time' .

    The Twitter Recipes of Maureen Evans
    Chindu Sreedharan's Epic Tweets
    ...and more.

    Mostly I liked the comparison of twittering to being at a cocktail party, enjoying a mixture of conversations and topics with a variety of different people.

    Teens Don't Tweet

    Twitter’s footprint has expanded impressively in the first half of 2009, reaching 10.7 percent of all active Internet users in June. Perhaps even more impressively, this growth has come despite a lack of widespread adoption by children, teens, and young adults. In June 2009, only 16 percent of website users were under the age of 25.

    Where do we Tweet when Twitter gets Thwacked?

    When events happen around the world, Twittererers send their tweets to alert us all. But what happens when Twitter isn't there to accept our 140-character thought balloons? Where do we say what we need to say when our saying place shuts down?

    Twitter has been down or mostly down for at least two hours. What happens to all those tweets that never got tweeted? Are they saved in Tweetdeck awaiting confirmation that they can fly off to achieve Tweetisfaction?

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    Book Club on Twitter...Tweet It, Just Tweet It

    From Shelf Awareness and The Book Studio: NOTE - NEW DATE & NEW INFO. FOR BOOKCLUB(see below)...

    For readers intrigued by the challenge of a book discussion in 140 characters or less, the Twitter Book Club has chosen Elizabeth Strout's Olive Kitteridge for its next meeting, August 10, 2009 at 9:00 pm Eastern Time. Grab your copy of Olive Kitteridge: Fiction, a glass or mug of your favorite beverage, and join us. Olive Kitteridge was the 2009 Pulitzer Prize winner for fiction.

    We're thrilled to announce that Elizabeth Strout, the author of Olive Kitteridge, will be participating in the discussion as well!

    Questions? Post a comment below, ask on Twitter (@thebookmaven or @booksquare), or even use good old email: bethanne at thebookstudio dotcom.

    The online book club meets live on Twitter on the second and third Monday of every month and is co-hosted by the Book Studio's Bethanne Patrick and and Kassia Krozser of Booksquare.


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