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Hiatus Update For 5 August 2009

While LISTen continues to be on hiatus, an update is offered as to the behind-the-scenes matters in bringing the program back. Creative Commons License

LISTen: An LISNews.org Podcast -- Episode #80 -- Low Bandwidth Version

Welcome to the finale for the first series of LISTen: An LISNews.org Podcast. This episode kicks off with a look at the zeitgeist on LISNews over the past week. Profile America makes its final appearance in this series of LISTen. After that there is an interview with Jean-Baptiste Kempf, chairman of the non-profit behind the VideoLAN project. Following that is a chat with Dan Messer about "@alasecrets" and "@alasecrets2009" on Twitter. Over the course of that chat it was announced that Messer is now Interim Coordinator of the LISNews Netcast Network as of the posting of this episode. After the first two interviews, the podcast then turns to talking to Robert Spencer. Although originally slated to speak at ALA Annual 2009 on Sunday at a panel, entitled "Perspectives on Islam: Beyond the Stereotyping", Spencer found his invitation yanked. We spoke to him about what he was going to say and also his take on what happened with the now-cancelled panel. The episode wraps up with a valedictory address by the presenter. Related links: VideoLAN Project Post by Dan Messer about "@alasecrets" The "@alasecrets2009" Twitter Account Initial opposition raised to the appearance at ALA Annual 2009 by Robert Spencer Message by a librarian supporting Robert Spencer speaking at ALA Annual 2009 The Open Letter Opposing Robert Spencer Appearing At ALA Annual 2009 Response by Robert Spencer to the Open Letter Library Journal article on the invitation being yanked Robert Spencer's website, Jihad Watch The feed address to plug into your podcatcher to receive Profile America
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LISTen: An LISNews.org Podcast -- Episode #79 -- Low Bandwidth Version

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In light of news received on July 5th, the planned program order was delayed until July 13th. LISTen #79 is the penultimate episode of LISTen perhaps. This brief episode outlines what is going on and why LISTen may well join Tech for Techies in returning to the Twilight Zone on July 13th. It is anticipated that the grand finale that is planned to be LISTen #80 (unless things change) will include after-action reports about Anime Expo and more.

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Tech for Techies #16

This is the final episode of Tech for Techies. The show will return to the Twilight Zone from where it came (for the time being). Stephen talks about broadcast transmission, be it radio, television or cellphones. Another Federal Government PSA from the Census Bureau, Profile America. My close explains the present situation at Erie Looking Productions.

In connection with what I bring up in the close, I want you to read a recommendation from LinkedIn:

LISTen: An LISNews.org Podcast -- Episode #78

This week's podcast brings you up to date in covering the Ohio libraries situation.

LISTen: An LISNews.org Podcast -- Episode #77 -- Low Bandwidth Version

This week's episode ranges widely. First up we take a first look at Greenstone 2.82. After that we hear from the US Department of Agriculture about a new data set format for their Census of Agriculture. After that we have another installment of Apocalypse Radio that turns to discussing computer training on very specific topics. Related links: Linux Outlaws #97 LISNews Netcast Network Summer 2009 Promo Piece
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Tech for Techies #15 Low Bandwidth version

This week we talked about microphone usage and communications interruptions.

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LISTen: An LISNews.org Podcast -- Episode #76 -- Low Bandwidth Version

This week's episode is longer than our past couple. We feature two interviews this week. The first interview is with independent consultant Karen Coyle. In that chat we discuss the leviathan that is OCLC and breach questions as to OCLC's nature. Following the discussion with Karen Coyle, the next discussion was with Rangeview Library District Director Pam Smith. In this chat the depths of WordThink were further explored and explained.

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LISTen: An LISNews.org Podcast -- Episode #75 -- Low Bandwidth Version

This week's podcast gets to deal with messy, emotion-laden, sometimes painful topics. First up we look at the Laporte-Arrington dispute and discuss how the corporate structures of media outlets can act as firewalls and buffers to prevent this. After that we highlight a case where a United States Attorney served a newspaper with a subpoena seeking every scrap of information possible to identify anonymous commenters who spoke about a pending grand jury investigation. Anonymity online may not be as secure or as thorough as you might imagine due to the underlying technical infrastructures involved. Related links: Summer 2009 promo piece authorized for use by other programs Profile America for June 8th Post by John C. Dvorak on the Laporte-Arrington matter Post by Michael Arrington on the Laporte-Arrington matter Comment read aloud Piece by the editor of the Las Vegas Review-Journal about the subpoena served by the US Attorney seeking identifying details of all commenters Electronic Frontier Foundation Resources on Anonymity Tor, a project funded by the EFF to help remove digital footprints that undermine anonymous speech online Creative Commons License
LISTen: An LISNews.org Podcast -- Episode #75 by Stephen Michael Kellat is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License except for United States Government works from the Census Bureau and Federal Aviation Administration included therein.
Based on a work at outlawarchives.com.
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