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LISTen: An LISNews.org Program -- Episode #173

This week's episode brings a very relevant audio news release about govdocs from the United States Department of Agriculture as well as an essay and a discussion of creating your own library's wish list like our example. Further links are below the fold.

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LISTen: An LISNews.org Program -- Episode #173 by The Air Staff of Erie Looking Productions is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License.

LISTen: An LISNews.org Program -- Episode #171

Although an interview was promised, a pro forma episode is presented instead that mentions BeagleBoard and PandaBoard as well as how to contact the production crew.

LISTen: An LISNews.org Program -- Episode #170

This week's initial episode brings a look at happenings on LISWire and LISEvents while also remarking upon a recent thread on SERIALST.

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Alternative Paradigms of Access

Do you know how many ways you can keep up with LISNews outside the paradigm of a browser? There is an e-mail digest of posts you can subscribe to if you so choose. Thanks to the magic of Twitter and SMS short codes, you can get updates sent to your mobile device as text messages when new posts are made. You don't even need to be a registered user of Twitter to do this. To get updates on your phone, send the following to 40404: FOLLOW lisnews For readers outside the United States, a list of codes to send that command to can be found here. RSS can give you feeds in an appropriate reader. Plugging http://lisnews.org/rss.xml into your RSS reader will let you receive posts outside the browser. A variety of feed readers are available and we can recommend tools like liferea and newsbeuter. If you have a Kindle, you can also receive LISNews posts by way of the magic transport layer known as WhisperSync. Access via Amazon is available at a nominal cost. Nobody will see any revenue from that before the heat death of the universe. If clicking around in a browser isn't your favored starting point, other avenues do exist to try.

No LISNews Podcast This Week

Due to circumstances far beyond the control of The Air Staff, LISTen will not be airing this week. Programming is expected to resume on October 10th, observed as Columbus Day in the United States and as Thanksgiving in Canada.

LISTen: An LISNews.org Program -- Episode #168


Erie Looking Productions regretfully announces that the release of normal programming is delayed until Tuesday this week. We apologize for any difficulties caused.

LISTen: An LISNews.org Program -- Episode #167

This week's program features pontification from the producer, thoughts about geo-location and analyzing your library's web server logs, and two quick story hits. Related links: Reuters: "Hulu sale at risk even as new bids are due" EFF Deeplinks: "No Authors Have Been Harmed in the Making of This Library"


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