The Business Side of Google

steven bell writes \"The New York Times of April 8 features the story, \"Google\'s Toughest Search Is for a Business Model\" in the Technology Section. While we most often want to learn as much as possible about Google\'s search features and next innovation, this article presents a different and interesting perspective on what it will take for Google to establish longer-term sustainability in the marketplace. You may love the search results, but for Google the more pressing question, as the article puts it, appears to be, \"whether Google has the scale to capture a viable share of the search advertising market. In other words, can Google create a business model even remotely as good as its technology?\"
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The technology behind Google\'s great results

Tanya writes \"
A must read. \"

As a Google user, you\'re familiar with the speed and accuracy of a Google search. How exactly does Google manage to find the right results for every query as quickly as it does? The heart of Google\'s search technology is PigeonRank™, a system for ranking web pages


How much ass does Google kick? All of it.

Slashdot pointed the way to This Story over at Oreillynet on Google\'s \"near-magical ordering of the Internet\".

\"The enduring presence of our publicly stated positions acts as an accountability system, making us own up to our errors and perhaps encouraging us to think carefully before putting our fingers on our keyboards. \"


Google Deluged with Resumes

Yahoo News has a story on google, which, on a typical day, gets over 600 resumes.

\"We do hear from a lot of people who are simply not qualified, but who just seem to be throwing their hat into the ring,\'\' Krane said. ``That is also indicative of the state of the economy. It\'s like we\'re that last stop before they make the decision to move to a new city.\"

In other google news, Danny Sullivan says , Google has begun serving up search results to users of the Earthlink web site, taking over a partnership previously held by Overture.
. AdWords listings that run on the regular Google web site also appear on the Google results provided to Earthlink


All Google All the Time

from ...G Stories, "a source for what's new and interesting about Google(TM) & other search engines", brought to you by somebody named Ed. Stock updates, programming plans, rumors and more.


Creating a global online library will spread knowledge in the quickest way to the most people

Strong Words Of Praise for the Google library project from Mary Sue Coleman, president of the University of Michigan. She says beyond the emerging legal challenges, we must not lose sight of the transformative nature of Google's plan -- or the good that can come from it. "Imagine what this means for scholars, school kids and you, who, until now, might have discovered only a fraction of the material written on any subject. Or picture a small, impoverished school -- in America or anywhere in the world -- that does not have access to a substantial library but does have an Internet connection."



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