Inside the Googleplex

Gary Deane passed along This One from The Ottawa Citizen.
It\'s a long look at what makes google tick, and why it\'s so cool.

Gary also submitted This One, a look at RocketInfo, the
four-year-old company, which
develops corporate
Web-search and
information-gathering software
for an annual licensing fee,
launched a free search engine
called The
site was intended to only be
an advertising tool that would
show potential clients the
efficacy of Rocketinfo\'s search


Gagged by Google

Thanks to Library Juice for this one:

It began when [Body Shop founder and Google advertiser Anita] Roddick posted a short comment on her site about actor John Malkovich\'s public threat to shoot Scottish Member of Parliament George Galloway and Independent reporter Robert Fisk. (Malkovich railed against critics of Israel at a high-profile speech at Cambridge University.)

\"John Malkovich often plays disturbed and dangerous men in his films,\" wrote Roddick, \"maybe he\'s not acting. His threat to shoot Robert Fisk for his honest reportage on Israel is but further evidence that Malkovich is a vomitous worm.\"

\"Vomitous worm\" didn\'t go down well with Google. Shortly after Roddick made the comment, she got word that the advertising staff at the search engine were suspending her ad campaign. \"They said that my ad violated their editorial policy against \'sites that advocate against groups or individuals,\'\" writes Roddick.

Full story from Alternet.

An interesting article, but I have to take issue with their characterization of the Body Shop as a \"notable socially-responsible\" buisness.


How Google Searches Itself

I thought I saw this one here already, but I guess it was just everywhere else, and not here for a change.
Bob Cox sent along How Google Searches Itself from FastCompany that takes a look at how they work to keep ahead of the curve.

\"You can take Google\'s temperature just by going to the intranet site,\" Rosenberg says. \"It\'s a window to everyone\'s soul.\"


Watching the (search engine) Watchers - an alt.use

Larry Gainor writes \"Search Engine Report just published a story headlined \"An Egyptian Stumper for Google\" concerning a search for an ancient Egyptian recipe for funerary bread. The author was unable to find the recipe using Google, but found this page with Vivisimo. From which result, he drew the conclusion that \"This just goes to show that Google really doesn\'t always find everything right off, or more importantly, that different search engines have different \"opinions\" of the web. The same query used at a different search engine may come through for you, so consider shopping it around.\"
Sensible advice, however checking Google\'s Usenet archive, I found a post from Nicole Hansen asserting that \"Absolutely no food recipes from ancient Egypt survive. Therefore this [recipe posted earlier in thread] is not an ancient Egyptian recipe.\"

More below...


Google is a winner

steven bell writes \"The latest issue of Fortune (paper - May 27)features an article about Google. The good news - they report Google has grown and been profitable to the tune of $15 million annually - not bad results for the world. I\'d say this is a must read for Google fans, but others will be interested in some of the Google facts. For example, Google has over 10,000 servers situated in five data centers around the country. The story is currently online at \"

Also of interest might be Glossary, Sets, Voice Search, and Keyboard Shortcuts. All part of Google Labs.


The Not So Secret Process to become a Google Researcher

So, you want to make money on every reference question you answer? Here\'s How, you earn 75% of the price set for a question that you answer.

They have an FAQ as well, and Researcher Guidelines as well.

Applying to be a Researcher is a two-step process:
Step 1: Write a paragraph about why you would like to become a Researcher.
Step 2: Answer 5 sample questions.

Sounds easier than getting an MLS.


Google\'s New Policy On DMCA Censorship From Scientology Flap.

The Church
of Scientology has used the DMCA
[Google] in attempt to prohibit the Google search engine results from linking
to which church lawyers claim includes
copyrighted material that exceeds fair use.

new policy is to provide
a copy of the complaint that includes the complete URL of the \'offending\'
link.  This is reproduced as a text citation.

When a search
query would have returned an \'offending\' link, Google links to the copy
of the complaint at

uses \"helatrobus\"
[Google] as an example.  At the bottom of the Google return is the
statement: \"In response to a complaint we received under the Digital
Millennium Copyright Act
, we have removed 1 result(s) from this page.
If you wish, you may read
the DMCA complaint
for these removed results.\"

\"The result,\"
suggests NYTimes journalist David F. Gallagher, \"is that a complaint could
end up drawing more attention to the very pages it is trying to block.\"
-20020422 \"Google
Runs Into Copyright Dispute.
\" -By David F. Gallagher  -NYTimes

/ free_speech
/ google
- legal
/ linking

Hermit :-X


Another Google Service

Liz P. writes \"Since Google has been in the news (see previous links re: Researchers) a link to something called \"GoogleMail\" caught my eye today.

This company, using the Google Web Services interface, seems to created an asynchronous Google search using Email. However, before you try it, you might want to review the numerous cross-links listed on this page that critique the idea --

or check Here.\"


Google Hiring Answer \"Experts,\" Kinda...

How much would you pay for an answer and how much would you ask for to
answer it?  It\'s the ebay of answerville.  Google\'s floating
another of their ever delicious \'beta\' improvements.  The Google
page is up and running.  From the -thinking-of-applying-
dept. they\'ve got their Researcher
up.  Hope the LISNews effect doesn\'t shut \'em
-Hermit ;-)

\"Google gives
some advice...for a price:
  In yet another test of new services,
Google is quietly wading into the expert-advice market, a lackluster business
that proved too taxing for some former Net highfliers.\" -By
Stefanie Olsen -CNET

20020414 (brief) \"When
Google Doesn\'t Know, Net Users Do.
\" Notes that \"this concept for a
research service has been tried before, but Google\'s power in the marketplace
has a better chance of success than the smaller ventures that preceded
it.\" -Steve


Google Provides Scientology Warnings To Free Speech Site

David McGuire writes...

\"Less than a month after de-listing an anti-Scientology Web site from its search engine on copyright infringement grounds, Google has begun providing copies of the infringement notices that it receives to a recently formed free-speech advocacy site, a Google spokesman confirmed today. Earlier this week, Google sent a copy of an infringement warning it received from the Church of Scientology to the operators of, a site that aims to educate Internet posters about their First Amendment rights in the face of legal warnings.\" More



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