Google to IPO or Not to IPO - Your Predictions?

Search Engine Optimization writes "Will they or Won't they - chime in with Your Predictions.....
Times Online,,

Eric Schmidt, the Google chairman and chief executive, briefly let his guard slip, telling business leaders that an IPO was not his agenda "right now", only to decline to answer follow-up queries. says Google has been certified compliant with the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley law and it is believed that Google's board of directors were awaiting the audit report before giving the final go-ahead to file the IPO with the Security and Exchange Commission, according to a report in the the New York Times.

Also, check out Google Labs Papers, a newly released ARCHIVE exposing the underpinnings and theories that led to the rise of this influential Search Engine"


Google Unveils Friendster Rival, Orkut sends "this story from the Bay area Mercury News about Google's new online friend-finder, Orkut.
The aim of the service is to allow users to link up with friends of their friends and aims to 'increase the overall satisfaction of social life.' The project was developed by Google engineers, and is still in beta mode, according to Google spokeswoman Eileen Rodriguez."


Someone Set Google Up the Bomb (who appears to be after some backlinks as well...) wrote in with a New York Times article about the advent of Google Bombing in the political area, started by the miserable failure campaign. See also a side note about Teoma by Gary Price. Some interesting applications of modern-day citation analysis.


Google developing ad service for e-mail?

An Interesting, or perhaps, scary Reuters article says google is developing a service that could dramatically extend the reach of its lucrative keyword-based advertising by linking such ads to e-mail. They recently made several e-mail related acquisitions, is working on a way to serve advertising to an e-mail at the moment it is opened, people close to the company said.
"I'm sure Google is getting more and more concerned about locking in users. It wouldn't surprise me if they did something very sophisticated with e-mail," said Danny Sullivan, editor of, who tracks the industry.

See Also: Yahoo and Google: Cold War redux. "Search has become that thing that we lost and now we've found again," Gaw says. "It's a Prodigal Son."


Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs to Manage Google IPO

Google Inc. hired Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. to arrange its initial public offering, a sale that may raise as much as $4 billion, a banker involved in the transaction said.

Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs will lead a group of underwriters that includes Citigroup Inc., Credit Suisse First Boston, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., Thomas Weisel Partners LLC and WR Hambrecht + Co., two bankers in the sale said. They spoke on condition they not be named.

The sale by Google, the world's most used Internet search engine, would be the biggest IPO since CIT Group Inc.'s $4.87 billion deal in July 2002. It ``will certainly be the deal of the year,'' said Sanford Robertson, who founded San Francisco-based investment bank Robertson, Stephens & Co. before starting private- equity firm Francisco Partners LP.

About a third of Mountain View, California-based Google may be sold in the IPO, giving the company a market value of about $12 billion, the bankers said. The company will probably register the shares for sale with the Securities and Exchange Commission this month and sell them by April, they said. Full Release

Meanwhile.... writes "Google's new engineering facility in INDIA
Although the Internet has made the world a small neighborhood - it is interesting to imagine the VAST social and economic shifts that my occur as a result."


If You Haven't Read Enough About the Google IPO

stevenb writes "The impending IPO of Google stock has generated a fair amount of press. Add to it this article from the Philadelphia Inquirer (1/4/04). They sent staff reporter Andrew Maykuth to Silicon Valley to gauge the impact that the IPO is likely to have on stimulating the Valley's economy. The article indicates that business is picking up, and that Google, E-Bay and a few other technology firms are generating a renewal of the economy. Read more at:"


Combing the Internet for Google Alternatives

Pete writes "BBC contributor Bill Thompson says here
'Having made it my New Year resolution to break my addiction to Google and get better at searching the web, I have spent the last couple of weeks looking at the state of search and alternative places to go.'" Thompson says that his area of research is super current, and that books and libraries are not options.


Is Google good for you?

Technology analyst Bill Thompson wonders why he cannot stay away from Google, even though he has his doubts about it, in This BBC Piece.
He says google is now the equivalent of programmes on ITV, there solely to attract eyeballs for advertisers.

"Perhaps it is simply that Google has become the Coke of the web. Sweet, available everywhere, and the first choice of the consumer.

The fine wines and elegant cordials are still available, of course, but Coke outsells them all, just as Google outranks other, more refined, search tools."


Adding New Dimensions to your Search writes "*

Those who search frequently for a living may find their jobs immensely easier by taking advantage of these FREE accessories and tools.



Google is now including Book Excerpts writes "Now Google is including excerpts from Books in it's
Natural Relevancy SERPs... This is slightly different from Amazon's full-page results...

Incidentally, Amazon with it's "server-side-scripting" has been having it's listings in virtally all competative Google Results

This is the latest in a number of esoteric additions to Google search, now the
option of tracking Federal Express and United Parcel Service packages is being offered on it's Web site, more at"


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