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Fans outraged by sexy, blonde ‘Anne of Green Gables’ cover

A bit of a kerfluffle at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about the new cover to an old classic. “Montgomery’s iconic Anne is a high-spirited redhead with freckles and a pointed chin, whereas this new Anne is a languid blond with dark roots, a round face and a come-hither look,” said Irene Gammel, a Montgomery expert Read more about it at:

An Outpost for Parchment and Hides

Article about Talas, a bookbinding and conservation supply in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn

If You Needed a Hollow Book, Where Would You Get It?

Thieves force UK mobile libraries off the road

Thieves force mobile libraries off the road
LIBRARY vans were forced off the road after diesel thieves raided their depot for the third time.
About £1,500 of fuel has been drained out of the vans parked at the council depot in Main Road, Skirlaugh.

The Joy of Books

Here's an interview with creators of this marvelous video created over four nights at Toronto's TYPE bookstore...

The Repurposed Library, Books as Objets d'Art

No repurposed librarians here, whew...From the New York Times:

Lisa Occipinti makes functional objects like lamps and sewing boxes out of old books, selling them on Etsy.

She now has a book of her own, “The Repurposed Library,” out this week from Stewart, Tabori & Chang. In it, she offers readers a how-to guide to making household objects from, well, books, like a mirror, a lamp and a fire screen, as well as the mobile shown on the cover:

Dutch Book Week

It's Dutch Book Week, and the focus is on (auto)biographies. Ann Frank is shown above (pretty amazing!). From

Each year CPNB (Collective Promotion Dutch Literature) organises the Dutch Book Week to promote Dutch literature. And every year a specific genre is being profiled. This year the(auto) biography is featured. This is translated in the theme ‘GeschrevenPortretten’, which translates in Written Portraits’. Van Wanten Etcetera created the campaign, which show the different faces behind the (auto) biographies. Anne Frank, Vincent van Gogh, Louis van Gaal and Kader Abdollah (writer of the biographic Book Week give away). Souverein made the artwork and did an amazing job creating realistic images. Even original book pages were used for the text inside the portraits to get right structure for each portrait.

How a Book is Made, Circa 1947

From the Brain Pickings blog
By Maria Popova

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The Ideal Bookshelf

I came across the site of a woman who paints sets of books as one might paint a portrait. You send her a list of books and she paints them as books on a shelf. I thought it was a clever idea and one that might appeal to booklovers and people who read this blog. As a disclaimer, I don't know this woman and haven't seen any of her work (except on her website) but I thought her idea was fun and wanted to share it. Judge for yourself.

It's Book Bloggers Appreciation Week, and You Are Appreciated

International giveaway at Beth Fish Reads...eight In My Book® cards...anywhere in the world

Enter this week, contest ends Monday September 20.

Library Way

Grand Central Partnership has transformed East 41st Street between Fifth Avenue and Park Avenue into an entertaining and illuminating promenade to the majestic New York Public Library Humanities and Social Sciences Library by displaying bronze sidewalk plaques featuring quotations from literature and poetry. Known as “Library Way," this initiative was being undertaken by GCP with the assistance and support of the New York Public Library, the property owners and commercial tenants along 41st Street, library organizations, and the New York City Department of Transportation. Library Way was officially dedicated on May 27, 2004.

Street sign for Library Way

First bronze plaque for Library Walk. Telling organization behind plaques


Two classes of books

Book tasting



Information is Light

Mind is an enchanting thing

Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

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