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Another Laptop Pornophile Busted in Michigan

Anonymous Patron writes

Again, as with the previous case, it isn't clear if he was really accessing the stuff over the library's network (the city's public safety director is quoted as saying he confessed to "downloading and viewing" in the library, but that comes off as cop-talk to me). From what they found when they searched his house, I'm inclined to believe he probably had it on his hard drive beforehand.

At any rate, he's facing a dozen felony counts and he's 73, so it's not likely we'll have to worry about him any further.

To those of you "in the business": Is porn via Wi-Fi or toted in on patron laptops becoming a problem in your libraries, or are these instances still anomalous? I have a hard time imagining anyone doing this in a public place unless deep down inside, they really want to get caught." Story from the Detroit News:

LISNews Meetup @ ALA in DC!

Update: 05/17 14:16 GMT by B :The best dates seem to be either Saturday (23rd) or Monday (25th). OCLC is doing the blogger thing on Sunday, so either we need to make the LISNews party later in the evening (10pm-ish), or stick with Saturday or Monday.
I'm also having no luck with a location. I could use some suggestions still.
Update: 04/02 16:19 GMT by B :I'm shocked at the number of responses so far! I think it's safe to say there will defiantly be an LISNews event at ALA. Unfortunately almost everyone who has responded so far was short on ideas, so while there seems to be considerable interest, I still don't know when or where we'll be meeting.

Let's try to pick a day first? To help us pick a date/time maybe we can use the ALA Wiki, specifically the Parties/Receptions page and the Unofficial Events page.
In picking a day, what events do we need to avoid?

If all goes well I'll be at the big ALA conference in DC in June and that means a LISNews party!

I could use thoughts and ideas on the best way to plan this, specifically I need help choosing the date/time and a good location. Even if you're not going but have any ideas I'd love to hear them. Any thoughts you might have can go in the comments below, hit this form, or drop an email to Blake at LISNews, but the .com domain not the .org domain. Hopefully we can put together something fun!


Consuming Food & Drink At Your Library

If your library offers coffee, sodas or snacks, the Primary Research Group wants to know about it. They also want to know what policies your library has in place about where/when/how food and drinks may be consumed.

Free copy of the report if you take the survey!


Student Debt Survey

Michael McGrorty writes "I have put together a twenty-question survey for graduates of library and information science programs. The survey is intended to determine the degree to which student loan indebtedness affects that population. The results will be used in a study of the subject, and released when compiled. Thanks in advance for your participation. Take survey at:"


Are There Standards For "Controversial Information"?

Kate has a question for the Hive Mind here @Your LISNews:

"My question is are their any standards on giving out information on "hot button" issues like abortion? Can we legally give out information to a fourteen year old girl that wants to know how much pennyroyal one should injest to have an abortion?"


Help Needed! What To Do With Weeded Books?

Here's a letter to the Friends of the Library USA--If you have suggestions for this librarian/friend, I will pass them on...

Hello, Everyone-

I am new to the (FOLUSA) list. I have some questions and I need advice!

I am a Reference Librarian at a small public library in Ohio. I am also helping out our Friends of the Library organization. We have a very small and inactive Friends group and are working on getting it started up again.

I have volunteered to help sort books in our Friends'Room.It is a disaster! We have books everywhere! Some are in poor condition and will be pitched soon. The librarians on staff (including me) have been instructed to continue weeding to make room for a planned renovation this spring.

We will have 2 Friends' Book Sales- one in May and one in Sept. We need to make room for future donations and the weeded books.

My questions are 1) What do your groups do with the overflow of books? (throw them away? give them away?)
2) Are there limitations to what can be done with the books? We are not allowed (by state law) to give away books the library has weeded. They are considered state property and cannot be given away. Why? I don't know. 3) If your group throws the books away, how do you dispose of them so the "public" doesn't perceive you are wasting tax payer dollars?

Any ideas about what to do with all the extra books?

We have some but are looking for other venues as well.

Thank you in advance

Ohio Public Library Friend!

Wanted: Your Must Read Blogs In 2007

I'm putting together a list of the top "must read" library blogs for 2007. Like our 10 Blogs To Read in 2006 list from last year, I don't want this to be my list, I want the list to reflect a wide a range of opinions.

What blogs do you read every day? What blogs help you learn? What blogs keep you informed? What blogs make you laugh? Who's the best writer out there? Someone made a suggestion, and attached this note: "I read many others, but these are the LIS blogs that get read even when time is short."

Send me your list, or leave a comment below.

Your list need not be complete, fair, or even have more than one blog listed. I'm looking for a few names from everyone so the final list is a good reflection of what many people think about our little online world.

Note: We all know LISNews is obviously the single most important web site in the entire history of the internet, so therefore I won't be including it on any final list.
Second Note: Anyone who made it to 10 Blogs To Read in 2006 won't be included in 2007.

Update: 01/09 16:14 GMT by B :I've been getting many more votes than I thought I would, so thanks! I'll update this one more time, and close voting later in the week, so keep them coming. So far there's one clear favorite (Hint: He has the longest hair in the profession), a few new blogs I hadn't seen before, and a few more that have some fans out there. I can already tell it'll be tough to choose the final 10.

Update: 01/12 03:11 GMT by B :This will be the last day for voting. I'll get the list posted sometime next week.

Update: 01/16 12:58 GMT by B : While I think I'm done, I also think it's not yet too late for changes.
I have a book guy, an agregator, a warm and fuzzy, an academic, a webby, an organization, a geek, a geekette, a token, and some darn kids. My goal again this year, 10 blogs that paint picture of what's going on in our little world. Consider this a last minute call for new ideas. I'll post the final list by Friday. Send me your list quick if you think I missed someone.


Copyright challenges for libraries?

cjovalle writes "I'm currently a doctoral student in LIS and one of the members of ALA's Copyright Advisory Network. I've had the pleasure of helping people answer questions about copyright and helping to teach people about copyright issues as a result of my interests. I spend a lot of time trying to figure out ways to measure the effects of changes in copyright law to libraries and educational institutions. My questions to you are, what do you think the biggest copyright-related challenges are for different types of libraries? What are the right questions to ask about libraries and copyright? Thanks! Any responses appreciated, here or at [email protected]."


What Will Happen In Libraries in 2007?

Hindsight is 20/20, but let's test the LISNews foresight... What's ahead for our profession in 07?
Mergers? More blogs? Library 3.0?
We'll look back at our predictions in a year, and see who had the best ideas.


Help A Friend Find Key Dates in Library History

I'm passing along a request I read on my discussion board for Friends of the Library USA...John Gear writes to FOLUSA :

I'm with the Friends of Lansing Libraries (Lansing, MI).
We're considering underwriting with our local NPR affiliate in return for acknowledgments. We can't afford their regular rotation schedules, so I thought that maybe we could get some extra mileage out of fewer spots by placing them on key dates in library history, such as the day that Franklin's library was founded in Philadelphia, etc. etc. etc.

Problem is, I'm having a hard time finding such a list. Does anyone have one or know of a good pointer to where I might find such a thing?

John Gear


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